Tearha is the flagship endeavour of the writer, Aden Ng, and is a series of novels serializing weekly, free to read online since 2014, with extended version available for sale online and in select stores. It aims to become the longest fantasy epic in history.

It currently consists of 2 sagas, “Chronicles” and “139 Trilogy”, within which currently holds 6 books, 1 novella, 3 short stories, and over 800,000 words. 19 future main entries are currently planned.

The last serialized book is titled, Beastmaster.

With 3 books spanning 2 universes, Aden Ng presents his 139 Trilogy as the definitive collection to The Chronicles of Tearha’s prequel stories.

Timothy Kleve is dragged into a race against time to stop SIN, a supernatural pandemic killing those he cares about. While fear, SIN, and the drug Somnidin, throws society into chaos, he finds allies and enemies in unexpected places.

Milton Jones has just 2 weeks to live. Given a chance to be cryogenically frozen across 139 years, join him as he live through time for his family. See if humanity truly deserves to be saved at the end of the world.

A time traveller steps across universes trying to solve a numerological mystery. Instead, The Watcher finds himself in a fantasy world, where a war he helped start thousands of years ago comes to its climax.

The military Spellblade academy students of Class C have their lives are forever changed when they find themselves assigned an ominous prophecy, numbering them “Zero” to “Thirteen”.

A war had raged on for centuries in an isolated part of the world. Under a smog of burning rust, Lucinda Baerrinska and Adelaide Wiltkins travels the continent of Katoki on a simple journey. To find a doctor.

As Nadier, the last of the dark elves, heads towards the land of ever-dark in hopes of finding remnants of his people, his forgotten past catches up to him and traps him in a twisted game of life and death.